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Invest in Your Future

An investment in your future never fails to maintain its value. If you choose to utilize any of Hargett Consulting's services, you will learn to strengthen your personal accountability and understand the appropriate steps to avoid difficulties in the journey to your dream career. 

Interview Coaching

Learn to become the perfect candidate with skills to: 

Crush your in-person & virtual dream job interviews.

Verbalize your resume.


Bring your professional and personal accomplishments to life. 

Perfect your personal pitch. 

Be properly prepared for any question.

Create a game plan for before and after the interview to help you get hired. 

$100 per hour. 

Multi-session packages are available. 

Career Mentoring

It's time to create clarity in your career.  Confidential coaching and guidance with the comfort of knowing your case won't be discussed in your organization. Learn communication skills that will result in transformative coaching. Let's make sure you're prepared to:

Communicate effectively. 

Avoid HR nightmares. 

Have tough conversations and deescalate issues. 

Lead with purpose. 

Identify values and evaluate work-life balance.

Prioritize time management and employee decision making to reduce your workload. 

Determine the real cause of problems. 

Find potential blind spots.

Discuss career goals and aspirations.

Strengthen personal accountability.

$150 per hour.


Multi-session packages are available. 

Introductory Session

If you'd like to start with an introductory meeting to see how I may best assist you, I have one-hour, meetings available.


During the meeting, we will work to identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and career goals. 

Together, we can decide what further packages will best suit your needs. 

$75 for a one-hour, personal meeting.

Hargett Coaching & Consulting is based on the honor system.  If we agree to work together to help you get hired, we are open to delaying payment for services until you get hired so that a lack of funds in the present moment does not prevent you from receiving the help you need today. 
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