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Mr. Hargett was extremely helpful in preparing me for my interview at Massachusetts General Hospital.  His attention to detail, patience, and expert advice were all instrumental throughout the process. Thanks to thorough role-playing and practice scenarios, I was able to feel confident in my interview which helped me secure my dream job! I could not recommend him enough!

-Molly Dalton, BSN, RN

Meet Timothy Hargett, CEO

Hi, I'm Tim. I'm passionate about empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential through honest, direct, empathetic, and informed techniques that have proven to be successful in my career and those of my clients.  With over 25 years of experience interviewing candidates, I know what it means to be a star candidate.  

While I love to help my clients get their dream job, I also work to help my clients excel in their positions once they've been hired.  As an Executive Manager in my field with over 30 years of experience, I've developed tried and true methods to drive performance, create a cohesive team, and win all that there is to win–while leading with empathy and earning the respect of my team.

Let's make you the best candidate–and leader–you can be. 

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Client Services

How can I empower your excellence?


Resume Consulting & Interview Coaching



Personal Workshops

The best candidate is not always hired–oftentimes, it's the person who is the best interviewer. Learn how to be that person by discovering how to bring your resume to life.  Practice by role-playing your responses and learn effective techniques to be confident in your interview.

Once you're hired, let's make sure you stay at the top of your game.  My goal is to help you maintain your work-life balance, empower your team to make decisions, eliminate job stress, and excel as a leader. 

Let's work together to identify your career aspirations, values, blind spots, and areas for growth so that you can achieve your dream career.

Practice Areas
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